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Our Promise To You

As Your Home Inspector, I promise: My duty is solely to you, my client. I also promise Affordable Home Inspections BR will provide a completely independent, thorough & accurate, Professional Home Inspection and Report; using all of my experience, expertise, and training to meet or exceed your home inspection needs. Love of inspecting homes for 15 years with zero law suits, and zero claims against my insurance means you can count on me to do it right.

"Mr. Hartmann is an expert in his field. He pays close attention to detail, and does a thorough job. I'm glad I selected Mr. Hartmann to inspect my potential home. Choosing Affordable Home Inspections is the right way to go."
Nicole H.

"Thank you for answering all my questions and for fully explaining your inspection."
Sallie S.

"While searching for someone for my home inspection, I came across an inspector who actually said he had six to do the next day! I am glad I chose Affordable Home Inspections. Mr. Hartmann was very thorough and gave me the information I needed."
David G.

On this inspection I found an electrical panel in the air conditioning closet that had been recalled for potential fire hazard issues. I wonder if Mr. 6-A-Day would have found this.
Valued Customer

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